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At the Law Office of Kevin D. Ribakove, our founding attorney provides reliable counsel and experienced representation. If you are looking to purchase or sell residential or commercial real estate in Brooklyn or Queens, make sure that you have strong legal representation on your side to protect your interests. With more than 30 years of experience, Attorney Kevin D. Ribakove understands the New York real estate market and the best strategies to secure your investment.

Buying or Selling a Co-op

Real estate transactions involving co-operative buildings are common in the New York City area, and they are very different from other traditional kinds of residential real-estate. The most important distinction: rather than becoming an owner of property, you become a shareholder of the co-operative with a lease on your particular unit.

At The Law Office of Kevin D. Ribakove, our attorney has extensive experience assisting clients in the purchase or sale of co-operative apartments. With understanding of the unique issues that arise in the purchase and sale of co-ops, we can guide you through this complex process to make sure that your interests are protected. Contact us today online or by phone at 718-793-5600 to schedule a consultation to discuss your needs.

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